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Zero is a revolutionary new form of protein made from Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides that provides extremely high absorption into the body without any digestional discomfort. In addition, Zero also contains specIalised collagen peptides that have been shown to aid in joint protection and recovery.

Zero is a delicious protein that will mix easily and digest quickly without leaving you feeling bloated or uncomfortable. Completely free of artificial flavours, colours, and gums and is suitable for all users and in particular those who have any intolerance or sensitivity to dairy. This really is a product that is great for anyone whether you have special considerations like dairy intolerance, or want to improve joint health, or simply want a great tasting protein.


Essential Amino Acids (EAA's)










1500mg  5906mg
Valine 828mg  3260mg
Threonine 813mg  3201mg
Isoleucine 534mg  2102mg
 Methionine 474mg  1866mg
 Phenylalanine 543mg  2138mg
 Histidine 339mg  1335mg
 Tryptophan 75mg  295mg
Non-Essential Amino Acids    
Arginine 1428mg 5622mg
Glycine 4692mg 18472mg
Alanine 1836mg 7228mg
Serine 612mg 2409mg
Aspartic Acid 102mg 402mg
Glutamic Acid 1836mg 7228mg
Proline 5304mg 20882mg