X50 Vegan MCT & Superfood Coffee 20 x Single Serve

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  • 20 x single serve sachets for convenience and freshness!

Here it is... this is your shot to get your coffee locked and loaded each and every day, but with a little something extra! X50 Revolver will ignite your energy and get you glowing. You'll be operating in peak performance mode with mental clarity. All powered by that seriously great coffee taste, collagen and MCT's 

Take aim at your day with Revolver High-Performance Coffee. 


A whopping 5 grams of MCT (medium-chain triglycerides), a powerhouse fat source that converts to energy for brain and body


Not only a seriously smooth and creamy coffee taste but all the goodness of coconut MCT's, broccoli, turmeric and an extra zing from our friend ginseng.