About Us

Founded in 2014. Fitfreak Supplements Launceston is a health and fitness loving company that wants to give the people a supplement company that cares about providing the best products. With an outstanding knowledge of every single product, to go along with personalised service, Fitfreak is here to give its Fitfreak's straight truth, in an industry often filled with misguiding information. If we wouldn't use it, and it doesn't pass out trial test, we won't stock it. You won't find dishonest prices on products, all you'll get with Fitfreak is fair prices, and no bs. A whole heap of exciting things are on the way, including continued expansion of our own product range of science based supps and the development of a Fitfreak apparel range! So join a Tasmanian and Australian owned/produced, honest, organically grown business as we continue our journey to provide the best products and services. Join the Fitfreak community.