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We're very happy to reveal the newest addition to the Fitfreak Supplements range, Fitfreak's Freak Mass Gainer. Perfect for those wanting to clean bulk, or people who simply struggle to put weight on and can't stomach eating much extra food. Freak Mass Gainer has an amazing amino acid profile in a 20 serving container that can be adjusted to a 30 serve container, depending on protein/carbohydrate needs. 
Coming in Creamy Chocolate and Vanilla Scoop flavour, Freak Mass doesn't only taste freakishly good, but mixes seamlessly into water or milk for convenience. Freak Mass has what it takes to really reach your goals whether it be gaining lean mass, gaining weight/mass (if you struggle to put on weight or have a condition which makes it so), or advanced recovery after intense athletic activity (such as football etc. or a gym session).
Profile per 150g serve (3 scoops):
Protein - 45.3g
Carbohydrate - 104.9g
Fat - 2.2g
Alternatively, Freak Mass Gainer can be 2 scooped if you require less carbs or protein per serve, creating a flexible 30 serve product.
Profile per 100g serve (2 scoops):
Protein - 30.02g
Carbohydrates - 69.98g
Fat - 1.48g 
Consume 150g (3 scoops) of Fitfreak Supplements Freak Mass Gainer with 375ml of water after exercise. This can be increased to 2-3 serves per day depending on your caloric needs.