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  • Hit Peak Performance
  • Improve Recovery Time
  • Complete Hydration Profile
  • Reduce Post-Workout Pain
  • Build & Maintain Muscle

Harder, Faster & Stronger For Longer

Ready to up the intensity and perform at your peak? BCAAs floods your system with the essential amino acids your body needs to power through intense workouts, increase explosive power, and enhance strength and endurance.

With 5000 mg of BCAAs in one scoop, along with added synergistic ingredients Betaine Anhydrous, Glycerol and AstraGin®, BCAAs fuels your muscles with personal best smashing energy and hydration!

Recover Like A Pro

With BCAAs, the days of tight and painful muscles after a demanding workout are gone.

L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine in the optimal ratio (2:1:1) combine with Betaine Anhydrous to speed up muscle synthesis. AstraGin® for enhancing nutrient bioavailability (key for muscle repair). Magnesium Bisglycinate to reduce cramps and soreness. And Glycerol Powder for improving hydration and nutrient delivery to the muscles.

Hydrate & Maintain Muscle Gains

There’s nothing worse than having your gains eaten away with a low calorie diet. Not with BCAAs! These essential amino acids with hydration boosters deliver the optimal fuel to maintain (and even build) muscle while cutting fat.

Packed with the most complete electrolyte profile of any BCAAs we’ve seen, our formulation keeps hydration to the max thanks to added Glycerol Powder, Potassium Citrate and Himalayan Pink Salt. This means you’ll fuel your muscles, perform your best, and back it up every time with BCAAs.


BCAAs can be taken before a workout to provide the body with energy and fuel exercise performance, during a workout to reduce muscle fatigue and support endurance, or after a workout to promote muscle recovery & repair. The optimal timing and dosage of BCAAs varies depending on your individual needs, exercise routine & dietary habits.